Should What You Eat In Ecuador Include A Visit To A Doctor?

When you eat in Ecuador, food needs to rise to the occasion. You are in the middle of the world! Sure you can find the kinds of food you're used to back home. What sort of experience would that be? Are you going back home and tell everyone you ate steak and eggs in Ecuador?

In a country that offers breath taking white water rapids, big game fishing, erupting volcanoes and jungles where things live larger than life, what local dish will tempt you to try something really different?!

The Ecuadorian shrimp cocktail known as Cebiche, is definitely something to eat in Ecuador, and might be a great place to start. These are available form the mountains to the coast and in as many different concoctions as you might imagine.

In Ecuador, there are more species of flora and fauna, for a country of this land mass, than any other in the world! Pristine beaches, mountain peaks for the climbers and trekkers, jungle for the botanist, birdwatcher, collector and just those who want to be amazed by the beauty of Nature at her best.

Food in Ecuador takes on at least as many different varieties, while perhaps not the seemingly limitless numbers. Chances are that you will not run out of challenges for different flavors to test your pallet. The fruits alone available in Ecuador, used in ice cream, juices, jams and edible arrangements will amaze you in flavors you have never tried.

Are you for real about the "big one" that got away? Maybe you can make up for it with a Camotillo at Caida del Sol on the coast. Then you already know of the Marlin, Sail, Sword, Wahoo and Dolphin in the deep waters off the coast of Salinas. Are you ready to tie into a piece of that action? When you eat in Ecuador it can be a smogasboard of flavors.

The Colonial Center of Quito and Pasaje La Ronda or Panecillo sitting on the highest point in the city will be for those who want to not just see some of the culture of Ecuador but taste it too. You will find a fantastic assortment of exquisite Ecuadorian dishes available from these different locations.

There are cities known for special dishes such as Latacunga and the Chugchucaras. That's a strange sounding name for an assortment of food that will give you a taste of several different flavors including empanadas, pork skins and more.

In Cayambe you can find the flower plantations with thousands of roses matching every shade on a color palette, but they may be better known for bizcochos and queso de hoja.

Maybe you could visit a cacao...

Maybe you will visit a cacao plantation to see the pods and trees where the cacao bean comes from to make some of the finest chocolate in the world. Most of these are found in the jungle regions or remote areas.

Or there is the province of Loja, recognized as the coffee belt of Ecuador, where you can find thousands of acres of shade grown coffee trees. If you get there in the months of May through July, you’ll be just in time to help pick the bright red coffee cherries ready for harvest.

Red ripe coffee cherries from Loja, Ecuador, ready to be pulpedRed ripe coffee cherries from Loja, Ecuador, ready to be pulped
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Or you could do even better by doing what any logical person would do when visiting a coffee producing country. Have an amazing cup of Ecuador's coffee! Don't think for a second that the only good coffee comes from neighboring Colombia and Juan Valdez. You'd be amazed to know there is a good deal of coffee that crosses borders and somehow gets exported as  though from another country. So discover first hand what may become a real surprise, that Ecuador has some of the best coffe in the world!

Coffee beans in the cup!Coffee beans in the cup!
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There are five star hotels and dining in the larger cities, and hidden in the outlying areas like Meson de Las Flores or Chordeleg. In the capital you have Hotel Quito, the Hotel Colon or Chalet Swiss Hotels, offering the very best of foods to suit a variety of tastes. In Guayaquil on the coast there is the Oro Verde.

The variety of what to eat in Ecuador is endless!

As with any precious Gem, the more facets it has the more valuable it is, and such is the case with Ecuador, the Jewel of the Andes. Come and see, experience the many views of this beautiful, mystical country. You won't want to leave without tasting the gems found in her edible treasures. The opportunity to eat in Ecuador may be the pinnacle of your visit.

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What was your favorite food in Ecuador? Taxo? Pitahaya? Fritada?

You got engaged over cebiche! Llapingachos made you laugh at the name! Or maybe your Piña Colada in Montañita was to die for! What's your fav food in Ecuador?

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